The Darkness Within

I have a poem posted on I wrote this for/on behalf of others/another, but it didn’t seem right to tuck it into a collection; I wanted to find it a home where it might help or inspire others. So I sent it to the site. It’s been shared 25 times in a day, which … Continue reading The Darkness Within

Dreamscene Experiment #2 – Gutter Ballet

I'm on a bit of a Savatage kick ... couldn't resist. Another sleepless night ... concrete paradise Lyric Snippet - Savatage, "Gutter Ballet" 1989. Of note: The Transiberian Orchestra is redoing this album as a musical. I heart it already ... Photo:  Repinned from Pinterest, source unknown. Possibly part of or inspired by the Ballerina … Continue reading Dreamscene Experiment #2 – Gutter Ballet

The Dreamscene Experiment #1

I'm going to start a little experiment here, fueled by my pinterest addiction love of photography. I'll post a photo and a quote or poetry snippet. Poets out there are welcome to brainstorm a line if something catches your fancy. I do want to be respectful of copyrights so I will not post anything that … Continue reading The Dreamscene Experiment #1

Samsara Movie – Introspection and Inspiration

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh I find it interesting to hear about what inspires different people. Some artists are inspired by people they meet, others perhaps may find a story in something historical, a news snippet or a real-life situation. Personally I am most inspired by music, … Continue reading Samsara Movie – Introspection and Inspiration