TOC for Wicked Women

Here's the The TOC for Wicked Women!! Edited by Trisha Wooldridge, Scott Goudsward, and David Price. This one is going to rock! Angi Shearstone "The Stones of Grisbury"Kameryn James "Flesh Harvest"Victoria Dalpe "Sunsets"Gillian Daniels "Her Eyes Like Silver Dollars"Elaine Pascale "Milk Time:Morgan Sylvia "Silver Heart"Kristi Petersen Schoonoverr "Arbor Day"Tracy L Carbone "The Tale of Annette"Renee … Continue reading TOC for Wicked Women

I’m Up For An Elgin!!

Thrilled to announce that my ocean-based poetry collection, As the Seas Turn Red, is up for an Elgin. If any voting SFPA members would like a copy, please reach out. Congrats to all the other nominees.

Q & A With Emma Jane Shaw Gibbon

Emma Jane Shaw Gibbon, one of my cohorts in the Tuesday Mayhem Society, has just released her first horror collection, Dark Blood Comes From The Feet, from Journalstone. Here's a Q & A with Emma. I cannot recommend this collection enough! How Did You Choose The Title? It’s a quote from the story “Cellar Door” … Continue reading Q & A With Emma Jane Shaw Gibbon


I've got a lot of extra traffic coming through, and suspect that it's coming from the story I have up at Pseudopod, Of Marrow And Abomination. If you liked that story, you may also like some of my other stuff. Salt Cave, which is in Wicked Weird, is sort of in a similar vein. I … Continue reading Update

Of Marrow And Abomination

Stoked to announce that my story 'Of Marrow And Abomination' has gone live on Pseudopod. This was one of my dream markets, so it's definitely brightening my day up. You can read the story online or listen to it narrated in podcast form. It's free. If you're curious about my work but haven't gotten to … Continue reading Of Marrow And Abomination

WIHM Special – Morgan Sylvia

Don Anelli interviewed me for his blog, Don's World of Horror and Exploitation, for Women in horror month. Click here to read!

Laws of Blood And Shadow

For anyone who is coming here after the Write Like A Girl event, here is the poem version of the snippet. They came from the river Where black waters flow cold and deep Their primordial dreams bubbled for eons in fetid muck and slime Around the shards of their victims' bones Looking back now, my … Continue reading Laws of Blood And Shadow


I've been a bit lax on updates, so here are a few at once. My short story Behind These Walls: The Confessions of Madeleine Bavent will be in Pulling Strings: A Tribute To King Diamond, from Death's Head Press. My short Power In The Hands of Fools will be in Imaginos: Bedtime Stories For The … Continue reading Updates

Just Saying It Could Even Make It Happen – A short introduction to Folk Horror in the work of Kate Bush

via Just Saying It Could Even Make It Happen - A short introduction to Folk Horror in the work of Kate Bush

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wicked Weird ebook is available for preorder! I'm stoked to be in this antho from the NEHW, along with some super talented writers/good friends.