New Year, New Blog

Sorta. I pretty much abandoned my livejournal blog  in 2012. No particular reason; I just didn't feel like blogging. Recently a spam comment led me back to an old lj post where I was ruminating about blogging and why I started one in the first place. Reading it made me realize why I lost interest. I approached that … Continue reading New Year, New Blog

Myths, symbolism and legends of some Gulf animals

The Gulf of Mexico is home to more than 400 endangered animal species. I’m going to contain my rant about the current situation (deep breath) and instead focus on myths, legends and symbolism associated with some of the species threatened by the current crisis. This list, while by no means complete, includes not only animals … Continue reading Myths, symbolism and legends of some Gulf animals

As the seas burn

So it's May, sunny and warm, and the skies are a perfect blue ... and there is a disaster unfolding in my backyard. This is not confined to the backyards of those of us who live on the Gulf, though our lifestyles and livelihoods are certainly at risk. This is global. So far currents have … Continue reading As the seas burn