WIHM Interview With Yours Truly

Don Anelli has been doing an amazing series on women in horror, which I'm honored to be included in. Check out the other ladies he has interviewed and spotlighted. These women are creating some killer work in film, art, and literature. Anyway, here's my bit: https://donshorrorworld.blogspot.com/2021/04/wihm-special-morgan-sylvia.html?fbclid=IwAR0QP8fuwV_TKC_maXOl7TRI3MbXVDThZXvglhd1i_9jUig8ui-UFsPlGj4

New Release From the Horror Writers Of Maine

The Love + Death issue of Northern Frights: The Journal of The Horror Writers of Maine is here! Seven tales and two poems that will tear your heart out--if a zombie doesn't get it first! Illustrated by Bob Cram Jr, edited by David Price and GD Deaborn and featuring prose and poetry by Fred Greenhalgh … Continue reading New Release From the Horror Writers Of Maine

Coming Through In Waves

So, here's the announcement I was teasing the other day. Coming Through In Waves is now up for pre-order. Currently you can pre-order the ebook. Both print and digital will be available on Feb 15th.This is a crime anthology, featuring songs inspired by Pink Floyd. It's my first foray into noir/crime stuff. I'm really happy … Continue reading Coming Through In Waves

Wicked Women Blog Hop: Lynne Hansen

In honor of Wicked Women, the latest anthology from the New England Horror Writers, I've invited the other contributors to crash my blog. Today I'd like to welcome another fellow ex-Tampan, the uber-talented Lynne Hansen, our cover artist. Ok, who are you? I’m a horror artist who specializes in book covers. I love creating art … Continue reading Wicked Women Blog Hop: Lynne Hansen

A Few Updates

My story Of Marrow And Abomination (Pseudopod) got a shoutout in this Best of 2020 article from Andrea Blythe on Medium. Sadly, it did not make the Stokers' Preliminary Ballot. My story Silver Heart (Wicked Women, NEHW) did not progress either. I am still thrilled to have gotten a bit of traction, and happy for … Continue reading A Few Updates

Wicked Women Blog Hop: Renee DeCamillis

Ok, who are you?                I am the author of the psychological thriller/supernatural horror novella The Bone Cutters, published through Eraserhead Press as part of their 2019 New Bizarro Authors Series. I am an Editor for the 5-time Bram Stoker award-winning speculative fiction and dark fiction publisher Crystal Lake Publishing, and a writer for Phi3 … Continue reading Wicked Women Blog Hop: Renee DeCamillis

Of Marrow And Abomination

My story Of Marrow And Abomination is mentioned in this 2020 year's best list by Andrea Blythe.https://andreablythe.medium.com/20-movies-shows-and-other-bits-of-media-i-loved-in-2020-d81acb0ceThis one is currently on the recommended list for the Stoker Awards. If anyone (HWA or not) would like to read or listen to it, you can find it here.

Wicked Women Blog Hop: EA Black

Ok, who are you? My name is E. A. Black, but I go by Elizabeth Black on Facebook. I write erotica and romance as Elizabeth Black. I write horror and dark fiction as E. A. Black. Most readers don't want romance mixed with horror, hence the two pen names. In addition to "Wicked Women", my … Continue reading Wicked Women Blog Hop: EA Black

Wicked Women Reading Event

I'll be joining some of the other authors from Wicked Women for an online reading event hosted by the Coffeehouse of the Damned. Come join us! Click here for more info!

Podcast Interview With Yours Truly

Curtis Lawson of Wyrd Transmissions invited me onto his podcast, and then ruthlessly grilled me about music, writing, and conjuration techniques. Check it out here! You may also be interested in his previous guests. Click here to see previous episodes. You can also check out Curtis' work and website here. horror, poetry, fantasy