Nanopowrimo Day 2 – Lies, lies, lies

Today's poem is sponsored by liars everywhere The liars are nameless and faceless Hiding behind a logo Masking abominations in bright packaging They said they would stop world hunger Millions still starve They said they would grow better crops They're draining the aquifer Never mentioned the built-in cancer The destruction of farmland The death of … Continue reading Nanopowrimo Day 2 – Lies, lies, lies

New Year, New Blog

Sorta. I pretty much abandoned my livejournal blog  in 2012. No particular reason; I just didn't feel like blogging. Recently a spam comment led me back to an old lj post where I was ruminating about blogging and why I started one in the first place. Reading it made me realize why I lost interest. I approached that … Continue reading New Year, New Blog