Interview With Yours Truly

Fiona McVie at Author Interviews did an interview with me. I chat about music, writing, books, and some other stuff. Click to read


I'm on a bit of a steampunk kick lately. I blame this poem, one of my nanopowrimo pieces, for it. Or, possibly the awesome steampunky clothes I saw at the Ren Faire. Or possibly the fact that I recently reread an old favorite, Paula Volsky's Illusion, which I think arguably just might qualify as the … Continue reading Steampondering

The Dreaded Synopsis and Other Ghastly Terrors

I think writing is probably very similar to other crafts in certain ways. You start out with passion and little or no actual knowledge. Through practice, study, more practice, more study, you follow the age-old path from apprentice to journeyman to initiate to (one hopes) mastery. It's a long process, and if you don't have … Continue reading The Dreaded Synopsis and Other Ghastly Terrors

On fractals, math, art, creation, the universe, quantum physics and, of course, writing.

I'm a writer, but I love art in any form. I can (and do) spend hours looking at sites like Pinterest and Tumbler. I'm all about feeding your head and your muse, but also, I just love art. Here's an example from one of my favorite artists, Chris Achilleos. This is the sort of thing … Continue reading On fractals, math, art, creation, the universe, quantum physics and, of course, writing.

Samsara Movie – Introspection and Inspiration

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh I find it interesting to hear about what inspires different people. Some artists are inspired by people they meet, others perhaps may find a story in something historical, a news snippet or a real-life situation. Personally I am most inspired by music, … Continue reading Samsara Movie – Introspection and Inspiration

New Year, New Blog

Sorta. I pretty much abandoned my livejournal blog  in 2012. No particular reason; I just didn't feel like blogging. Recently a spam comment led me back to an old lj post where I was ruminating about blogging and why I started one in the first place. Reading it made me realize why I lost interest. I approached that … Continue reading New Year, New Blog