Nanopowrimo 25 – Oops. Out of order

I missed number 25. There was a prompt, but I'm just going to use another haiku cheat card. I watched Room 237 the other day. Interesting. I sort of think one can find conspiracy theory and riddles in anything if you look hard enough, but it was interesting to see some of the nuances and … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 25 – Oops. Out of order

Nanopowrimo 26 – Gilgamesh

This prompt was to take on a long poem and re-edit it, basically. You cross out words and make a new poem out of it. I decided to take on the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest poem known to man, because I find Sumeria fascinating and because I'm dorky enough to think editing a poem … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 26 – Gilgamesh

Nanopowrimo 24 – Anagram

Today's prompt was an anagram. They provided linkage to a nifty anagram generator, which I might use for character names. I like playing with language. I like the rhythms of names and the connotations held in syllables, the meanings we don't know we know. When I write a character, the character is never 'real' until … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 24 – Anagram

Nanopowrimo 22- Earth Day

We honored her once We respected her limits Appreciated her gifts But in this age We rape Drain Starve Poison There is only one planet There is no sense to such carelessness As creature after creature winds into extinction Is it any wonder the world has gone mad? We will never know peace until the … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 22- Earth Day

Nanopowrimo 21 comes with a free side order of Crab Rangoon

Today's Nano prompt is to do a one-liner Chinese fortune cookie style. Yay for an easy day. This is getting onerous. I guess that's the challenge, the point of it - to write when you don't feel like it. I would like to dedicate today's poem to a friend who once thought his fortune was … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 21 comes with a free side order of Crab Rangoon

Nanopowrimo 20 – Word Soup

Prompt 20 wants us to use five words from a long list. I ended up with a steampunk poem and a story seed. This happens sometimes when I write poetry when I'm in fiction mode. I end up with something that's more story than poem. And sometimes the reverse happens.    The copper owl went … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 20 – Word Soup

Nanopowrimo 15 – In honor of Boston

I didn't comment on this the day I wrote it, but I'm adding this note as an update. Boston is one of my favorite cities. The only reason I don't live there is that it's too expensive. This one hit close to home. I have family that used to run the marathon regularly, and friends … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 15 – In honor of Boston

Nanopowrimo 14 – And now, a poem from my cat

Today's prompt was to write in another persona. I was debating on what to use when my cat intervened. The following poem is based on a true event. I told you I was hungry Several times I tried to tell you nicely I tried to be meek about it I know I have food already … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 14 – And now, a poem from my cat

Nanopowrimo 13 – Walk on home

The path circles below a bright sky The trees fold in close Envelop the world in green silence Traffic and noise fades away Embrace the golden moments Shed the day like a second skin There is still beauty in the world When you choose to step into it

Nanopowrimo Day 11 – Sloth Tanka.

Today's prompt was to do a tanka. . 5-7-5-7-7. Result fairly self-explanatory   I do not like maths Numbers only annoy me I much prefer words I hate imposing maths on words But I think that sloths are cute