I’m Up For An Elgin!!

Thrilled to announce that my ocean-based poetry collection, As the Seas Turn Red, is up for an Elgin. If any voting SFPA members would like a copy, please reach out. Congrats to all the other nominees. https://www.sfpoetry.com/el/elgcand.html

Daughters Of Darkness

I'll be launching As The Seas Turn Red at this awesome witchy night market in Salem. The vendors all look amazingly talented. Now we wait and see if mailman can make it down our muddy road to deliver said books, or if I have to fight my way out to pick them up ... #daughtersofdarkness … Continue reading Daughters Of Darkness

Cover Reveal #1 – As The Seas Turn Red

  As The Seas Turn Red is an ocean poetry collection I've been working on off and on for years. It will be released this fall, with this gorgeous cover from Joseph Schmalke.

Tuesletter Has Officially Launched!

Check out the first Tuesletter ... updates from the Tuesday Mayhem Society! TMS Consists of myself, April Hawks, Peter N. Dudar, and Emma Gibbon. Tuesday Mayhem Society - Winter 2018 Tuesletter - http://mailchi.mp/ad998ff7cbe6/tuesday-mayhem-society-winter-2018-tuesletter-481909 If you would like to join our list, click here. We'll be sending fiction, blogs, and poetry, as well as news, recipes, … Continue reading Tuesletter Has Officially Launched!

For the poets out there …

Poetry Publishers That Do Not Charge Reading Fees Because reading fees suck.

Writer at the beach

So, I'm on a writing spree in a beach hotel. I come home Friday after happy hour, all happy and whatnot, only to find out that the electric company cut me off. I was two days late. TWO DAYS. And I didn't have an old balance or anything; I had paid my last bill in … Continue reading Writer at the beach


I'm on a bit of a steampunk kick lately. I blame this poem, one of my nanopowrimo pieces, for it. Or, possibly the awesome steampunky clothes I saw at the Ren Faire. Or possibly the fact that I recently reread an old favorite, Paula Volsky's Illusion, which I think arguably just might qualify as the … Continue reading Steampondering

Nanopowrimo 28 – Color me … purple

Prompt 28 wants color.   Purple is the shadowed glade the cast of twilight Purple is the darkest thing that black cannot hold purple is the moon I know in fragmented dreams my room my¬† school the color of my birth Purple thoughts scrawled in red and blue But the violets blaze against the grass … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 28 – Color me … purple

Nanopowrimo 25 – Oops. Out of order

I missed number 25. There was a prompt, but I'm just going to use another haiku cheat card. I watched Room 237 the other day. Interesting. I sort of think one can find conspiracy theory and riddles in anything if you look hard enough, but it was interesting to see some of the nuances and … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 25 – Oops. Out of order

Nanopowrimo 26 – Gilgamesh

This prompt was to take on a long poem and re-edit it, basically. You cross out words and make a new poem out of it. I decided to take on the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest poem known to man, because I find Sumeria fascinating and because I'm dorky enough to think editing a poem … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 26 – Gilgamesh