Of Marrow And Abomination

My story Of Marrow And Abomination is mentioned in this 2020 year's best list by Andrea Blythe.https://andreablythe.medium.com/20-movies-shows-and-other-bits-of-media-i-loved-in-2020-d81acb0ceThis one is currently on the recommended list for the Stoker Awards. If anyone (HWA or not) would like to read or listen to it, you can find it here.

I’m Up For An Elgin!!

Thrilled to announce that my ocean-based poetry collection, As the Seas Turn Red, is up for an Elgin. If any voting SFPA members would like a copy, please reach out. Congrats to all the other nominees. https://www.sfpoetry.com/el/elgcand.html


I've been a bit lax on updates, so here are a few at once. My short story Behind These Walls: The Confessions of Madeleine Bavent will be in Pulling Strings: A Tribute To King Diamond, from Death's Head Press. My short Power In The Hands of Fools will be in Imaginos: Bedtime Stories For The … Continue reading Updates

Daughters Of Darkness

I'll be launching As The Seas Turn Red at this awesome witchy night market in Salem. The vendors all look amazingly talented. Now we wait and see if mailman can make it down our muddy road to deliver said books, or if I have to fight my way out to pick them up ... #daughtersofdarkness … Continue reading Daughters Of Darkness