Horror Authors of Maine – Angi Shearstone

Grinning Skull Press has just released the an anthology from The Horror Writers of Maine, Northern Frights. The book was edited by David Price, and features an intro by Holly Newstein Hautala. I have a story in it, and am thrilled to be in a book with so many friends, including both of my Tuesday … Continue reading Horror Authors of Maine – Angi Shearstone

Cover Reveal For Abode

COVER REVEAL - ABODE by Morgan Sylvia, created by the multi-talented Renaissance Man, Kealan Patrick Burke "This multi-layered, darkly poetic tale of a what initially appears to be a haunting in Maine is Morgan's first novel. It will be released by Bloodshot Books in July, just in time for its debut at Necon."  

Pandemonium Event

Last night's panel event was both fun and interesting. I joined John McIlveen, Bracken Macleod, Tom Deady, Pete Kahle, Andrew Boylan, and my Tuesday Mayhem Society cohort April Hawks at Pandemonium Books for a lively discussion of the horror genre, writing stuff, and other topics. I didn't get pictures myself, but someone else snapped this … Continue reading Pandemonium Event

\M/aine \M/etal Series – Sacrichrist

Sacrichrist Metal has a whole plethora of subgenres, ranging from radio-tolerated acts like Metallica and Disturbed, to the extreme. On the dark end of Maine's metal spectrum, we have Sacrichrist, an extreme/black metal band. Aggressive, unapologetic, and brutal, black metal, for those who don't know, goes hand in hand with cold, wintery landscapes, bleak northern … Continue reading \M/aine \M/etal Series – Sacrichrist

\M/aine \M/etal Series – Chaos Machine

Chaos Machine Chaos Machine is yet another example of a Maine metal band that crushes! A progressive/thrash metal band based in Old Town, these guys will make you pay attention. We spoke to drummer/vocalist Ryan Porter and got a bit of background on the band. How did Chaos Machine form? Jon, Jamie and myself, (Ryan … Continue reading \M/aine \M/etal Series – Chaos Machine