Writer at the beach

So, I'm on a writing spree in a beach hotel. I come home Friday after happy hour, all happy and whatnot, only to find out that the electric company cut me off. I was two days late. TWO DAYS. And I didn't have an old balance or anything; I had paid my last bill in … Continue reading Writer at the beach

Nanopowrimo 22- Earth Day

We honored her once We respected her limits Appreciated her gifts But in this age We rape Drain Starve Poison There is only one planet There is no sense to such carelessness As creature after creature winds into extinction Is it any wonder the world has gone mad? We will never know peace until the … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 22- Earth Day

Nanopowrimo Day 2 – Lies, lies, lies

Today's poem is sponsored by liars everywhere The liars are nameless and faceless Hiding behind a logo Masking abominations in bright packaging They said they would stop world hunger Millions still starve They said they would grow better crops They're draining the aquifer Never mentioned the built-in cancer The destruction of farmland The death of … Continue reading Nanopowrimo Day 2 – Lies, lies, lies

On fractals, math, art, creation, the universe, quantum physics and, of course, writing.

I'm a writer, but I love art in any form. I can (and do) spend hours looking at sites like Pinterest and Tumbler. I'm all about feeding your head and your muse, but also, I just love art. Here's an example from one of my favorite artists, Chris Achilleos. This is the sort of thing … Continue reading On fractals, math, art, creation, the universe, quantum physics and, of course, writing.

The Dreamscene Experiment #1

I'm going to start a little experiment here, fueled by my pinterest addiction love of photography. I'll post a photo and a quote or poetry snippet. Poets out there are welcome to brainstorm a line if something catches your fancy. I do want to be respectful of copyrights so I will not post anything that … Continue reading The Dreamscene Experiment #1

Samsara Movie – Introspection and Inspiration

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh I find it interesting to hear about what inspires different people. Some artists are inspired by people they meet, others perhaps may find a story in something historical, a news snippet or a real-life situation. Personally I am most inspired by music, … Continue reading Samsara Movie – Introspection and Inspiration

Swan Lake, Singapore Botanical Gardens