Interview with Steve Austin

Today Is The Day frontman Steve Austin is the subject of the new documentary The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself, which you can watch on Amazon. Catch a TITD show or check out the doc (link in comments), and you will see why he is such an inspiration to others. He's also just a … Continue reading Interview with Steve Austin

Interview With Yours Truly

Fiona McVie at Author Interviews did an interview with me. I chat about music, writing, books, and some other stuff. Click to read

My latest interview

Cultum Interitum from Poland. They just released their first demo, and it is solid, atmospheric black metal. Check out their demo here:

Gaerea Interview

My latest interview ... Gaerea. Atmospheric black metal from Italy. Click here for interview

Interview With Death Metal Pope

I just realized that for some reason I've been forgetting to post my articles from Antichrist Metalzine over here. So, here is one for today - an interview with sludgy/thrash/hard to define Death Metal Pope. Click here for interview

\M/aine \M/etal Series – Sacrichrist

Sacrichrist Metal has a whole plethora of subgenres, ranging from radio-tolerated acts like Metallica and Disturbed, to the extreme. On the dark end of Maine's metal spectrum, we have Sacrichrist, an extreme/black metal band. Aggressive, unapologetic, and brutal, black metal, for those who don't know, goes hand in hand with cold, wintery landscapes, bleak northern … Continue reading \M/aine \M/etal Series – Sacrichrist

\M/aine \M/etal Series – Capture the Sun

Capture The Sun Capture The Sun is yet another outstanding band from Maine. Based around the Old Town area, this four-piece is pushing boundaries of genre and form. They're particularly unique in that they are an instrumental band, and do not fit neatly into any genre or subgenre of music. We interviewed the band; the … Continue reading \M/aine \M/etal Series – Capture the Sun

\M/aine \M/etal Series – Chaos Machine

Chaos Machine Chaos Machine is yet another example of a Maine metal band that crushes! A progressive/thrash metal band based in Old Town, these guys will make you pay attention. We spoke to drummer/vocalist Ryan Porter and got a bit of background on the band. How did Chaos Machine form? Jon, Jamie and myself, (Ryan … Continue reading \M/aine \M/etal Series – Chaos Machine