Daughters Of Darkness

I'll be launching As The Seas Turn Red at this awesome witchy night market in Salem. The vendors all look amazingly talented. Now we wait and see if mailman can make it down our muddy road to deliver said books, or if I have to fight my way out to pick them up ... #daughtersofdarkness … Continue reading Daughters Of Darkness

Nanopowrimo 26 – Gilgamesh

This prompt was to take on a long poem and re-edit it, basically. You cross out words and make a new poem out of it. I decided to take on the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest poem known to man, because I find Sumeria fascinating and because I'm dorky enough to think editing a poem … Continue reading Nanopowrimo 26 – Gilgamesh

The Secret of Kells

I've lived through many ages. I've seen suffering in the darkness. Yet I have seen beauty thrive in the most fragile of places. I have seen the book. The book that turns darkness into light. Thus begins The Secret of Kells, one of the most beautiful animated movies I have ever seen. I loved this … Continue reading The Secret of Kells