Interview with Steve Austin

Today Is The Day frontman Steve Austin is the subject of the new documentary The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself, which you can watch on Amazon. Catch a TITD show or check out the doc (link in comments), and you will see why he is such an inspiration to others. He's also just a … Continue reading Interview with Steve Austin

My latest interview

Cultum Interitum from Poland. They just released their first demo, and it is solid, atmospheric black metal. Check out their demo here:

Gaerea Interview

My latest interview ... Gaerea. Atmospheric black metal from Italy. Click here for interview

Interview With Death Metal Pope

I just realized that for some reason I've been forgetting to post my articles from Antichrist Metalzine over here. So, here is one for today - an interview with sludgy/thrash/hard to define Death Metal Pope. Click here for interview