Glowing Review of Dawn: Book 1 Of The Aris Trilogy

Woke up to a glowing, 5-star review of my fantasy novel, Dawn: Book 1 of the Aris Trilogy, out from Crossroads Press. They put me on the level of GRRM and Sanderson, y’all!!!!

When I started publishing, I told myself I wasn’t going to read reviews.

Yeah, right.

Feedback is so important to writers. Good reviews help with algorithms, so our work is more visible. Even bad reviews can be helpful, assuming reviewer isn’t just being a jerk. And while no one’s mood or career should hinge on any one review, these little bits of appreciation and validation really do give us a boost and an idea of what is and isn’t working for our readers.

Review is here, but I’m copying and pasting the text.

“I’ve dreamt his dreams, the visions he sees. The burning lands, the corpses, the crying dirty orphans sleeping in pig hovels.”

I found an author who writes and story builds at the same level of greatness as George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, and Brent Weeks, among a few others at the top of my favorite authors list.
Dawn is and includes…

• An epic fantasy on a strange planet
• Remnants of ancient and deadly human technology, now forbidden
• A new king who throws away tradition in his quest for more power
• Dark arts, wars, and civil war

But that’s just a simplistic representation of a story you will enjoy from start to finish. Dawn is a masterclass in worldbuilding, plot, interesting characters, and storytelling that will keep you guessing and coming back for more.

I loved this book from the very first page. I was reading on the couch, my wife next to me, and I looked at her and said, “This author can WRITE.” That’s not an everyday reaction I have, and I have read thousands of books.

Stiva and Chandris are heirs to a throne and although they are twins, they couldn’t be more different in personality and how they rule. They both are trying to save their kingdom from enemies all around, and from within. Don’t you just love a story that is more complex than a simple hero’s journey? That’s this book. There’s a lot going on.

Dawn was a great find, and I think you’ll agree. I’m at a loss as to why more fantasy fans haven’t discovered this book and author, at least from what I can tell on the web. Dawn was published in 2018 and it’s clear there is so much more story to tell. Well done, Morgan Sylvia.

In other good news, Undertow: Blood Forest, the audio series I was in the writers’ room for, is doing very well! It got to #2 on the US Apple podcast chart for drama. The latest individual episode also just cracked the top 20. You can listen for free on any streaming platform (Apple, Stitcher, etc.).

I have a lot to be thankful for this Turkey Day.

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