Undertow: Blood Forest Is Out!

Very proud to announce the launch of Undertow: Blood Forest, from Realm.fm!

Blood Forest is an audio fiction series. It is officially part of the creepy Maine Undertow universe that was created by Fred Greenhalgh of Realm.fm. He assembled a Mainer writers’ team that consisted of myself, my Tuesday Mayhem Society cohort Emma Jane Shaw Gibbon, accomplished playwright and writer Bob LeBlanc, and the awesome comic/horror author Shawn French.

We wrote this thing crazy fast. It went from whiteboard/brainstorming to finished product in about 6 months. This was my first experience in a writers’ room, but hopefully not my last. I really like the audio format. It’s kind of halfway between watching something and reading something. (Think old Twilight Zone radio shows, but in a series format.) The Foley class I took at The Recording Workshop also finally came in handy. (Fun fact: my teacher’s brother was a zombie in the original Night Of The Living Dead)

I was particularly stoked to learn that David Clennon was among the cast. He played Palmer in The Thing, one of my favorite horror movies.

Reviews are starting to trickle in. Comicbook.com also did an article.


Blood Forest was created by Fred Greenhalgh and written by Emma J. Gibbon, Robert LeBlanc, Shawn French, Morgan Sylvia, and Fred Greenhalgh. Produced by Fred Greenhalgh, Marco Palmieri, and Hayley Wagreich. Executive produced by Molly Barton, Julian Yap, Marci Wiseman, and Jack Falahee.

Starring Jack Falahee, Bree Klauser, Lynn Milgrim, Katie Chonacas, Jennifer Mccabe, Edward Astor Chin, Daniel Bonjour, Mattie Mariposa, David Clennon, Keena Ferguson, Ilyssa Fradin, Tony Aidan Vo, Tatum Shae Chiniquy, Jacob Farry, Ryann Redmond, Erica Everett, Ashlyn Pearce, Igor Hiller, Courtney Lin, Ali Ryan, Suzana Norberg, Moira Driscoll, Erika Longo, Crystal Porter Bazemore, Jade Ramirez, Ryan Kitley, Shaun Broyls, Joey Palestina, Richard Doyle, Erik Moody, Ned Donovan, Leif Riddell, Frank Ridley, and Jason Grasl. Production Management by Angela Yih. Audio Editing by Cory Barton. Sound design, mixing, and mastering by Rory O’Shea. Original music by Marcus Bagala. Additional music by WestOne. Music Editor: Sam Bagala. Casting by Sunday Boling and Meg Morman. Cover art by Kyndal Thomas. Executive in Charge for Realm: Mary Assadullahi. Find more shows like Blood Forest by following Realm on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or at Realm.fm.

Undertow: Blood Forest is out now wherever you get your podcasts.

I hope you all will listen to our spooky Maine werewolf tale. Pop it on during your commute or workout. Or, better yet, when walking through creepy forests.

Please lycan subscribe. New episodes drop every Friday.

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