The Agony Chamber Is A Radio Play!

I’m so stoked about this! I somehow forgot to post it here. My short story The Agony Chamber, which originally appeared in Northern Frights (2017), an anthology featuring the works of the Horror Writers Of Maine, has been turned into a radio play on The Dark Tome.

It’s pretty cool hearing the voices in my head coming through a speaker.

I also love the content warning. I have no comment on the psychedelic bit, lol.

Here’s the writeup:

A group of buddies goes hunting in the Maine woods and find an evil beyond imagination.


Nathan Dana Aldritch is a native Mainer currently calling Los Angeles home where he’s a professional actor and also slinger of a mean drink. He has over a dozen television appearances to his name as well and numerous stage credits with such awesome roles depicted as “Psychotic Redneck” “Paranoid Husband” “The Devil” and .. The Elephant Man. If you’ve checked out our standalone mini-series The Dark Tome: Undertow, he plays the small town bureaucrat Marty Ducharme.

Sound Design/Editing – Fred Greenhalgh. Music by Blue Dot Sessions. Additional sound and music by Mind’s Eye Productions.

CONTENT WARNING: This story has strong language and really messes with your mind. Not recommended for listening while on psychedelics.

You can listen to it here.

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