Dressing in stolen skin, watching the world through silver eyes, or questioning local folk traditions about bodies hanging in trees, these stories and poems from the women of the New England Horror Writers will leave you bleeding with fresh nightmares and hanging on with splitting fingernails to questionable reality. Wander around islands with eldritch secrets, take drug-fueled drives with carnies, and explore the arcane labyrinths trauma builds in one’s mind. But whatever you do, don’t think for a moment that anyone is safe from these Wicked Women!

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Jane Yolen
Sidney Arcane
E.A. Black
Tracy L. Carbone
Lola J. Clemente
Victoria Dalpe
Gillian Daniels
Renee S. DeCamillis
Roxanne Dent
Patricia Gomes
Kameryn James
Christine Lajewski
Sara Marks
Hillary Monahan
Lindsay Moore
Elaine Pascale
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert
Mary Robles
Kristi Petersen Schoonover
Morgan Sylvia
Jennifer Williams
Introduction by Elaine Cunningham
Cover art by Lynne Hansen

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