I’ve got a lot of extra traffic coming through, and suspect that it’s coming from the story I have up at Pseudopod, Of Marrow And Abomination.

If you liked that story, you may also like some of my other stuff. Salt Cave, which is in Wicked Weird, is sort of in a similar vein.

I am not the best at keeping the website updated, especially the bibliography page.  The most updated list of my stuff is probably my Amazon page.

Also, during the coronaclypse, I’m offering free pdfs of my poetry collections, Whispers From The Apocalypse (2013, Chupa Cabra Press, currently out of print) and As The Seas Turn Red, (2018, self pubbed). Seas is currently up for an Elgin award, and could really use some ratings love. Leave a comment with an email addy and I’ll send them over.

Please stay safe out there, y’all.

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