I’ve been a bit lax on updates, so here are a few at once.

My short story Behind These Walls: The Confessions of Madeleine Bavent will be in Pulling Strings: A Tribute To King Diamond, from Death’s Head Press.

My short Power In The Hands of Fools will be in Imaginos: Bedtime Stories For The Children of The Damned, (Blue Oyster Cult stories)

A Spell of Blood And Bone will be in Would But Time Await, A New England Folk Horror Anthology.

Silver Heart will appear in Wicked Women, the newest anthology from the New England Horror Writers.

And a few other things coming I haven’t officially signed off on yet.
I also had a great time on the Necrocasticon podcast the other day.

Last but definitely not least … I’m reading at the Salem Witch House tomorrow as part of their #women in horror series, Write Like A Girl!

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