Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival

Panel schedule for the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival! Free and open to the public! I’m going to be on the 3:30 panel, which is Best Horror Books We’ve Read This Year.

10:30 AM–Horror, Horror, Everywhere: How Horror Infiltrates Other Genres
Rio Youers (M), Jeff Strand, KL Pereira, Jennifer McMahon, Toni L.P. Kelner, Leigh Perry

11:30 AM–The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Written—And The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Read
Catherine Grant, Kelli Owen, Bracken MacLeod (M), Joseph A. Joseph Citro, Nadia Bulkin

12:30 PM–Hidden Treasures: Scary Books You’ve Probably Never Read, But Should
Grady Hendrix, Charles R Rutledge (M), Errick Nunnally, Hillary Monahan, John M. McIlveen

1:30 PM—Our Favorite Halloween Books and Stories
James A. Moore (M), Kat Howard, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Thomas Sniegoskii, Glenn Chadbourne

2:30 PM–The Beginner’s Guide to Horror Movies, or, How to Start Your Kids off Right
Izzy Lee, Cat Scully, Craig Shaw Gardner, Mary SanGiovanni (M), Stephen R. Bissette

3:30 PM–Best Horror Books We’ve Read This Year
John Langan, Kristin Dearborn, Morgan Sylvia, Tom Deady (M), Brian Keene

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