Somewhere In Time ….

I rarely share things before they are done. However, it is snowing, so I guess that is a good enough reason.

Here is a poetry snippet.

We slither formless and mad into the vortex

And the river of souls bears us into eternity

Caught between atom and quasar

Pale eons and translucent seconds pass as one, tangled and shifting

We come in time to a burning paradise

The elders spoke of this realm

They carved its myth into stone

They cast the stone into the sea

And we fall silent when we reach that place

Where tomorrow and yesterday meet

And abominations shuffle into shadow, fleeing the sallow light of a dying sun

The dead and the unborn are waiting for you

Their mad, broken god

If you want to see more, the entire, finished version of this piece will be included in the Tuesletter, along with flash fiction from Peter N. Dudar, an article from April Hawks, and a surprise guest post from another local author. So, yes, I am doing this to get subscribers. However, we want to stuff this with killer content, rather than just be all sales-pitchy. Also, hoping some will just enjoy this as is, even if you don’t sign up.

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