The Ariadne Project: Who Is Ariadne?

Magick From Scratch

I heard you, Dionysos. 

Ariadne_and_DioSo, as I begin to delve into the idea of Ariadne as a goddess, equal in stature to Dionysos, I know that I will have to dig deep and be exhaustive. Before I even begin, I know that the source material that exists on Ariadne is a mess. I know that I may be embarking on what could wind up being years, rather than days or weeks, of intensive research.

There are three different version of why Ariadne isn’t with Theseus, at least two different versions of what her relationship with Dionysos is like, and a half dozen versions of how or why she died.

The story we all think of, naturally, is Ariadne with her golden string, helping Theseus escape from the labyrinth and the Minotaur because she was in love with him. She sails away with him, and then he leaves her on an…

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