The Darkness Within

Discussions about my poem, The Darkness Within, which was apparently discussed in a college literature class.

I went through a roller coaster of emotions when Caleigh read and interpreted this poem. At first, I thought it was dark and by the tone of her reading, it made me choke up a bit. Cancer is something that truly is poison to life and everyone someway has been affected by someone with cancer. A poem like this really makes me appreciate all that I am blessed with in life and makes me rethink about everything I take for granted. I love how Caleigh referred to us taking time for granted because it is so true. A cancer patient’s life depends on every minute and to us who are not sick, we sometimes forget how valuable time is. This poem still makes me emotional because I think back to my uncle who has passed from cancer and I start to think of everyone else I know who has it. I really did enjoy how Caleigh interpreted it into positive views. Each day a cancer patient lives is another day they fought for survival. It is something that is so unfortunate and something that I fear greatly, but after Caleigh’s presentation, I feel more comfortable with the topic. I thought it was really clever how Caleigh split up different sections of the poem and how it seemed to be a build up of positive aspects. I think Caleigh handled such a sensitive topic with such grace and optimism. It was a great life lesson and something that many people should consider living by now. Focusing on what is most important in life and spending time with those who matter most are what should be valued to all whether you are sick or not.

“Expressions About Cancer Through Poetry” was a poem read aloud today by Caleigh today.
To be honest, it wasn’t until she explained her interpretation of the poem until I saw the things she did.  My initial reaction to the poem was that it was very dark and sad and depressing.  Even the title refers to darkness.  But Caleigh dug a lot deeper into it and turned a lot of the lines I saw as negative into more positive ones.  I thought it was awesome how she split the poem up into 6 different parts.  Those being cancer itself, gratefulness, the value of live, the value of time, braveness, and wisdom.  It makes everything negative turn a little more positive.  Lines 6-10 refer to being appreciative and grateful for what you do have.  It talks about how cancer is something that steals all the little things in life that we don’t realize we take for granted.  Caleigh talked about the value of life.  The choice is yours whether or not you fight or you run.  The value of time in this poem speaks of the fact that every day the cancer patient is here on earth is another day that they win a battle.  It is another day that they get to live and breath and experience all the little things others take for granted in life, which they cherish so deeply.  The next stanza is talking about braveness and being strong.  Like said in the prior stanza, life is really what you make it and you choose whether to run or hide, but it is always important to be strong and brave along the way.  The overall message being sent is that it is more than just the darkness of cancer. We need to learn from the lesson and wisdom from those experiencing it and be grateful for the little things in life.

The poem, “The Darkness Within” by Morgan Sylvia’s really caught my attention because of the different stages in the stanzas that Caleigh pointed out. I have always felt strongly about the idea of having experiences and learning from them. Since it is from a cancer patient’s point of view it is hard for a person to relate completely with what Sylvia is saying, one can only imagine. Many people fight a battle against cancer everyday and I think this poem goes through a lot of the though process that cancer patients go through. For example, like Caleigh pointed out, the fight against cancer leads to being grateful of important things in a persons life. Also, learning the value of life and time and how ultimately it leads to a gain in wisdom.

This poem starts off dark and depressing with words like, poison, death, and darkness and makes an apparent transition to more positive and making good of a bad situation, using words like wisdom, gift, and enlightenment.The overall message that I think Morgan Sylvia is trying to get across to the reader that even if you encounter terrible, life threatening situations it is always best to fight it and ultimately learn from the experiences you have. I also think the poem is very powerful and heartfelt, and although not all of the readers suffer from cancer it is easy to relate the poem to several different situations.

I was ruminating for a while after Caleigh’s presentation. Cancer definitely is a definitely strike for all of us, it brings pain and sadness to us. People who don’t has cancer would never know how serious it can be. Since we don’t have any treatment that can completely heal cancer. Therefore, for some late period patients, every second could be the last second that they can spend with their family. The endless pressure is real for them.

But human is a strange species, we always make the same mistake, that is ” lost only know how to cherish.” People wouldn’t quit smoking until they get lung cancer, realize they should eat health after they get Bowel cancer, and etc. Cancer is like a warming. Warm people to take good care themselves, warm us to live health every day and warm us to treasure anyone that we like. The poem use cancer as an example, but it can be any illness. Meanwhile Cancer could be a teacher. It teach us how to fight for a life, what is the value of one’s life, how to valuable our life is and time is not returnable.

The last part Caleigh defined as wisdom, that’s true. Because “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.”

I found this as well.

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