Forgotten Places Author Interviews: Ashley Hunt

Check out this interview with one of my fellow Forgotten Places authors.

Samie Sands

Forgotten Places

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
About me is always a tricky question I think. You are talking about a real person with a Kaleidoscope of experiences. I think the best over view is My name is Ashley, which means Cinder maid. I am currently 31 years old, but won’t be next year (Taurus!). I love to read and I kind of never decided to write. One day (when I was about 8) I was holding a pencil and a whole story just leaked right out. Sometimes I feel like my stories are not mine, but little entities all of their own that have landed on my shoulder and whisper in my ear that they may live immortality upon the page. I study classic novels, fantasy novels, fairytales, Perualt and  Du-alnoy in particular (The really old, dark, creepy ones) human anatomy, Massage and tarot cards. I also…

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