Spotlight on Milly’s Tavern


Tell us a little bit about Milly’s history.

Ever since Milly’s Tavern first opened their doors in January 2002, they have provided their customers with some of the best beer in New England, while holding the title of being the only brewery in Manchester, New Hampshire. In addition to their 12 beers on draft and a great food menu, Milly’s has become the best place to see live music in the area!   As many as 17 bands play here every week, with live performances on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and more live music on Sundays!


Milly’s seems to do a little bit of everything … brewery, live music, food. How did you get there?

Originally, Milly’s only featured shows on Friday and Saturday nights, but it soon became clear that this was not enough. Due to an increase in demand from both their customers and bands wanting to perform, Milly’s has recently increased their booking to include Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and, when possible, Saturday afternoon shows. And, as if that wasn’t enough live music, Milly’s has occasional Monday shows as well. The beer is our staple. We’re the only brewery in the largest market in the state. Our brewmaster and brew crew are dedicated craftsmen who, through a process of rigorous quality- assurance, produce some of the most unique beers in all the world. The food has come a long way, evolving with trends but staying true to our pub atmosphere


What are some of your more popular events?

We were recently voted as the number one slam poetry/ spoken word venue by Bloody Good Writing Magazine for our weekly slam die or die poetry events. Our musical lineup during the week is very diverse, from Manchester’s number one funk band on Tuesdays to our local music spotlight show on Saturday nights. There is always something going on


Craft beer and breweries are gaining popularity. How did you get started with that? And what are your thoughts on that trend – good or bad?

I think it’s great. Brewers are becoming more daring and playing with flavors never used in the past. The hop-head movement and the sour beers, like Lambecs and Berlinerweisse, are making a comeback. These are all good for the industry and people are getting away from the mass-produced swill which dominates the market as a whole.




What are some of the highlights of the last year?

Our benefits for various causes; the Marathon bombing, breast cancer, Wounded Warrior. Our first try at making our Maple Bacon Porter. A simple/complex record release was a pretty wild night, with a lot of local musicians coming together to celebrate the success of a peer.


Your menu is yum. Talk food for a sec.

We are a pub; the vast majority of things on our menu are covered in cheese and bacon or deep fried. We like doing crazy things like our Monster Burger (a triple decker with a grilled cheese separating two eight ounce burgers with 9 pieces of bacon) or the Volcano Burger (a bacon cheeseburger on a bed of fires covered with chili espinaca and shredded cheese. We bake the whole thing in the oven)


Favorite quote?

Twas a woman who drove me to drink. I never had the courtesy to thank her. -W.C Fields


You are definitely one of the types of businesses our city radio wants to support; local, community-driven. You seem very dedicated to supporting local artists and musicians, including metal. We in turn support that. So tell our readers about some of your upcoming events.

We’re a family-owned business, and we treat everyone one who walks in the door like family. We have a great community of artists who love playing here because of how accommodating we are, from speed metal to comedians, power slop to hip-hop. Everyone loves playing the room. We have some great acts coming up, like Doug Stanhope on Oct. 18th, the December Downfall on 12/6, and James Montgomery on 12/13.


Chris Mansfield


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