\M/aine \M/etal Series – Chaos Machine

Chaos Machine

Chaos Machine is yet another example of a Maine metal band that crushes! A progressive/thrash metal band based in Old Town, these guys will make you pay attention. We spoke to drummer/vocalist Ryan Porter and got a bit of background on the band.


How did Chaos Machine form?

Jon, Jamie and myself, (Ryan P.), formed in the fall of 2009, after jamming together for a little while. We had put together a few songs while still looking for a vocalist and a bass player. We found our previous vocalist a short time later and began adding vocals to the few songs that we had. We were still having trouble finding a bass player that was dependable, reliable, and had their own gear. After numerous tryouts, we finally filled that void with Ryan St. Laurent, a.k.a. (R2), in the fall of 2010. Finally, we had the full lineup we were looking for, and started writing more songs. And in May of 2010, we had our first show together.

What are your favorite songs to play live?

Ryan: With Stasis In Mind, Bleed Out, Apartment 213, This Is Hate

R2: With Stasis In Mind, Bleed Out

Jamie: Bleed Out

Jon: With Stasis In Mind, Bleed Out

Wes: With Stasis In Mind and Apartment 213

What are your influences?

Ryan: The list could go on and on, but some of the top ones would be, SLAYER, Chimaira, Threat Signal, Nothingface, Whitechapel, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, and so many more…..

R2: Metallica/Megadeth, Fear Factory, Lamb Of God, Jesse Leach-era Killswitch.

Jamie: I grew up on Metallica, and Megadeth. My current favorites would be Revocation, Jeff Loomis, Scar Symmetry, and Protest the Hero.

Jon: Rush, Dream Theatre, Testament, Slayer, Whitechapel, and Jeff Loomis just to name a few.

Wes: Michael Jackson, BTBAM, Dream Theater and King Crimson

What inspires you?

Ryan: The thought of making music and having people/fans like it puts a grin on my face. I’ve personally wanted to do this for years, and now finally getting the chance to do so is beyond exciting. Having people saying they like what we are doing, attending our shows, buying our merch, anything they can do to contribute . . . Such a great feeling!

R2: The thrill of playing live, seeing and hearing people’s reaction to our music and live shows.

Jamie: Watching musicians who have both mastered their instruments and love what they do, and let it show in their live performance.

Jon: Coming up with a catchy guitar riff that will grab people’s attention. Listening to technical/well- structured songs and learning by them to apply it to our own unique style of music.

Wes: As cliché as it may sound, my band is my inspiration. I’ve never had the pleasure of working with a more talented group of individuals. They blow my mind.

What was the best show you’ve ever seen?

Ryan: SLAYER/Slipknot @ The Maine Metal Meltdown

R2: Megadeth

Jamie: Lamb of God and Devil Driver

Jon: RUSH!

Wes: Mr. Bungle

How long have you all played together?

This current line-up has been together since February 2011, when we added Wes to the band. He was filling in on a few shows we had lined up that our previous singer couldn’t make. Our previous singer wasn’t working out and we needed to find someone else. He came forth without us asking, saying that he wanted first refusal to be in this band! He was really just what we were looking for in a vocalist, but we didn’t want to ask him to join full-time as he was already in another band at that time.

Describe Chaos Machine in three words.

Original. Determined. Heavy.

We’re pretty far up north here … do you think being in a somewhat isolated region is a good thing in some ways?

My initial reaction to this was NO! But … the more I thought of it, it does have its benefits. Being so far up north and out of the way, and basically with Canada and the Atlantic Ocean surrounding most of this state, it’s definitely harder for people not from the area to notice you as much. We are secluded in a sense. Facebook and other online sites are really helping us out. Sure, the metal scene around here is really pretty slim compared to places further south, such as Massachusetts, New York, and other heavily-populated areas, but I think where those areas have so many bands there, it’s maybe a little harder for someone in that area to get noticed and more attention to “Their” band because it is so flooded. I guess at least here, there is really a handful of bands compared to hundreds of bands in those areas, so it kind of makes the bands here stand out more, since we are less populated.

Where can we find Chaos Machine?

You can find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/chaosmachineband or www.reverbnation.com/chaosmachineband We will be having some shows in the near future, so be sure and check us out. We always post to our facebook page to what we have going on!

We would like to take the time and say thank you to Our City Radio for doing this interview with us. A pleasure indeed!

Chaos Machine

Ryan Porter-Drums/Vocals

Ryan St. Laurent (R2)-Bass/Vocals

Wesley Delaney-Vocals

Jon Lugdon-Guitar

Jamie White-Guitar

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