Nanopowrimo 22- Earth Day

We honored her once

We respected her limits

Appreciated her gifts

But in this age

We rape




There is only one planet

There is no sense to such carelessness

As creature after creature winds into extinction

Is it any wonder the world has gone mad?

We will never know peace until the balance is restored

Or until her rage takes us all

One thought on “Nanopowrimo 22- Earth Day

  1. Hello Morgan Sylvia,
    loved your Earth Day poem…
    Yes we Rape and Pillage our Earth Mother on a daily basis.. and yet she still gives us her bountiful gifts… Balance is what we now need, both in our thoughts and actions.
    Many thanks for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, I hope you find many things upon my blog that is of interest to you……
    Have a beautiful Day


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