Nanopowrimo 19 – Personal ad

Day 19 was to write a poem in the form of a personal ad. I found this to be the hardest challenge so far


Cabin hidden in ancient forests. Cabin, hidden near stoic mountains. Must have bubbling brook filled with flat river stones that wish to be studied, lake or ocean access where the light hits the water and turns silver or gold, cute stone fireplace where golden flames crackle, outdoor living room where the trees and flowers wait in color, apple trees that fill the air, honeybees that buzz around, look cute, pollinate but don’t sting, make honey but don’t sting, books waiting to be read, books waiting to be written, a wine cellar that does not contain anything dead, an attic with garrets and a reading nook. Wise owls and gentle deer roaming the wooded vicinity a bonus.  Must be capable of providing a serene getaway from crazy world. Must be close enough to crazy world to provide a getaway from serenity. Organic garden that grows crunchy things, well fed by icy springs. Koi fish preferred, they bubble their wisdom under lilypads. Gateway to another world optional. Will trade for coin collection.  


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