Nanopowrimo 15 – In honor of Boston

I didn’t comment on this the day I wrote it, but I’m adding this note as an update. Boston is one of my favorite cities. The only reason I don’t live there is that it’s too expensive. This one hit close to home. I have family that used to run the marathon regularly, and friends in the area as well. everyone is safe, but I’m still pissed and as always, disappointed that the human race has such scumbags in its numbers.  I’m adding the comment a week later, after they caught the guys.

Faceless cowards

Striking at innocents

Striking in our cities

They should call it cowardism

Terrorism hints at power

Whatever shining lies you drape your logic in

There’s no honor in striking civilians

There is no power in such acts

One first responder

Is worth a thousand of you

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