Nanopowrimo 14 – And now, a poem from my cat

Today’s prompt was to write in another persona. I was debating on what to use when my cat intervened. The following poem is based on a true event.

I told you I was hungry

Several times

I tried to tell you nicely

I tried to be meek about it

I know I have food already

But I want something else

Don’t let my shape fool you, it’s all fur

I’m not fat. I don’t eat too much

I’m just very very very hungry


Never mind the full plate of dry food, that doesn’t count

Are you ignoring me?

You just keep right on ignoring my pleas

My heartbreaking meows

My pathetic innocent looks

My big sad eyes

Well if you’re that cold

I can play that game

Here, rub my belly, it’s empty

A little closer

So I can shred your hand and make you bleed


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