Nanopowrimo Day 10 – Unlove, and the art of letting go

Today’s prompt was unlove.

Unloving is not always a choice

But a path taken

Cannot unspeak words

Or unmake memories

Undo moments or reasons or time

But reflections shrink in the rear view mirror

Grow smaller and then vanish behind newer days

Things fade from view before they fade from memory

There’s a place in the silent hours for thoughts of lovers left behind

Where words shouted and words murmured wait to be recalled

But there’s nothing to be gained there

Trust can never be unbroken

The past cannot be undone

You’re nothing but words to me now

We cannot be unwritten

but only erased

Hatred is not an option

It echoes too loud

And it binds just as tight, in the end

Unloving is not a choice

But a matter of growth

Untangling ties that bind

We are all ruled by change

I choose my tomorrow over your yesterday

And I am stronger for that


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