Nanopowrimo Day 9 – Noir

There were witnesses to her death

Trees and buildings and fog

Pigeons and rats and shadows

The soiled river

The crumbling bridge

But these things were silent

These things were unmoved

These things kept their secrets even from sharp, hardened eyes

There were passerby who may or may not have heard a scream

The snap of a branch

The crack of a bone

Or the shot that ended her

There were citizens, somewhere, laid eyes on her killer

Seen a man blending into the moving currents of a crowded night

There were answers out there

But these things were unknown

She told her story in lifeless flesh and broken bone

She told her story to silent trees and bloodstained stone

There were answers out there

They were gone

Drawn into the tide of humanity

Drawn into the night

Never to be spoken

Never to be told



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