Nanopowrimo Day 2 – Lies, lies, lies

Today’s poem is sponsored by liars everywhere

The liars are nameless and faceless

Hiding behind a logo

Masking abominations in bright packaging

They said they would stop world hunger

Millions still starve

They said they would grow better crops

They’re draining the aquifer

Never mentioned the built-in cancer

The destruction of farmland

The death of bees

They said the soil would produce more

Fields dried up and turned to dust

They tell you to eat well

They will not tell you what you eat

They will not give you a choice

Only poison

Their lies have taste and texture

The Umbrella Corporation is poisoning the crops

They’ve agriculture on a choke chain

Their lies are seeping into your cells

What truth can the earth tell?

The greatest lies are silent

And crunchy

And full of corn syrup


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