Nanopowrimo – Day 1

First line is the prompt. Not sure if I will always use them, and I have a feeling some of these poems will end up being silly haikus about beer, cats or coffee, but anyway … Day 1 is out of the way.

Slowly, silently, now the moon

Draws ahead of the day

Drains the light from the sky

Gravel beneath you

The pines bend close

The lake whispers secrets to the sky in fractured light

The air smells of snow and things waiting for daylight

The lake whispers things you used to know

But have since forgotten

Slowly the moon sets into the wild

The world wants you back


Grainy photo from my last trip to Maine. I thought of this scene when I saw the prompt.

3 thoughts on “Nanopowrimo – Day 1

  1. “Slowly the moon sets into the wild / The world wants you back.” And just like that the musing ends. I like this. Reflects reality well, that feeling of gazing up and being caught up in nature, but eventually having to drift back into the world and go on with your day. Nice work.


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